Choose The Right Polyester POY To Develop New Products


Polyester POY is mainly used for shirts and suits, salads, ladies' dresses and knitwear. Compared with competing fibers such as PSF, VSF and NFY, men are more wrinkled when worn, wrinkle resistance is good, drape is good, print color retention is better, wear better. The use of POY in sarees has increased due to the development of crimping, twisting, texturing and wet processing techniques. These technologies provide more flexibility in design and patterning. In addition, these techniques help to improve the permeability of these yarns. As a result, the fabric will be able to absorb more moisture.

It is also used for applications such as flexible packaging and specialty fabrics. Polyester POY is sold by producers to textured units. The cultural unit deals with it and sells it to weavers (mainly in the power sector). Unlike PSF, PFY is not mixed with blended yarn manufacturers with cotton because it is in filament form rather than fibrous form. However, in the power car phase, PFY can be woven with other yarns.

There are many different types of industrial polyester yarns that have different physical properties that can be controlled by POY or FOY yarn polymer formulations and processing conditions. Choosing the right type of yarn can be challenging, so working with a reliable partner to match the right polyester yarn to your application is key to rapid optimization and product development.

The normal part of the directional yarn (POY) needs to be textured before it is used to make the fabric, and the FDY as the name of the yarn itself is completely pulled out during the spinning process, thus eliminating the need for texturing and Used directly in the production of fabric. Polyester POY is more durable and will not fade when exposed to sunlight or soap, with better abrasion resistance, drape and crease recovery, and anti-wrinkle. Polyester POY yarns can have different shades, such as semi-dark POY and Bright POY. Bright POY has a gloss due to the cross section in the filament, so the fabric made of Bright POY also has a bright luster.