Do not Buy Embroidery Thread Because of Color and Price


Embroidery thread is specially made for embroidery and other forms of needlework or handmade yarns.

The embroidery thread is like an artist's paint - your palette will never have enough color. However, if there are enough lines to store or use normally, then the number of lines may be a bad idea. According to the manufacturer's requirements, high-quality lines have an indefinite shelf life when stored in the right environment. So, if you can not keep the proper protection, it is best to store only the colors you use most often and buy other colors when the project is called. With a lot of embroidery thread selection, it is difficult to decide to buy and place. So you should learn how to choose and save.

Do not buy the line because of the beautiful color. Because you may have bought it for a long time. But you really need to start somewhere, choose the color of the embroidery line. If you start to have each color, the cost may exceed your expected price, and it is likely that you will never use it for the vast majority. You will use white and black more than other colors, so it is best to properly choose the embroidery thread. Most of the main embroidery lines have kits and samplers, even for experienced embroidery workers, who find that they only need a small amount of several colors in the kit for specific jobs. If you find that you are using more of a color line, you will buy more lines of this color in the future.

Do not buy because of "cheap". Although it is not as expensive as a higher quality embroidery thread, you will find breakpoints for each line, or see the color of the lines penetrating the fabric after the items are washed. Adhere to the use of embroidery for the production of reputable manufacturers to provide high-quality embroidery line. First of all, the cost can be overwhelming, but note that the line is the main component of embroidery, it must be strong enough to be able to handle the machine at high speed, so it should be considered a reasonable investment. If you buy a lower quality brand, because it is more affordable, after the trouble encountered in use, its loss will cover up the initial cost.

A variety of embroidery thread can help create a unique embroidery, it is important to see how you choose the right embroidery thread.

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