Dope Dyed Has Been Used For All Kinds Of Textiles


Polyurethane, β-cyclodextrin and dispersion solution were prepared by Dope Dyed. These solutions were put into the movie. The characterization of the structure and properties of the films was studied by FTIR, UV-vis spectroscopy, mechanical tests, DMA and TGA. The results show that the coloring polyurethane has good dyeing fastness and increases the mechanical and thermal properties, which can be attributed to the existence of hydrogen bonds between β-CD and polyurethane. The results of rheological measurements show that the doping solution has pseudoplastic non - Newtonian behavior, and the non - Newtonian index increases with the increase of temperature.

For colors that do not require precise color matching, such as black, yellow, green, red and blue, it is recommended to use solution to stain the yarn. Solution Dyeing yarns are also suitable for the production of bonded polyester and nylon sewing threads for indoor and outdoor applications, since the possibility of bleaching and UV fading is low. The environmental impact of packaging for high water consumption and energy costs also makes many manufacturers transformed into dye-stained yarns to improve their sustainability score.

The principle of dope dyed: By controlling the chargeability of fiber and coating particles, that is, cellulose fiber cationization modification, can significantly improve the coating particles on the fiber binding force. Through the electrostatic force between the fibers and the surface of the pigment particles, the coating can adsorb the surface of the fiber, and through the adhesion of adhesive, the pigment is firmly fixed on the fiber, can greatly improve the color depth and fastness.

After this dip coating has been rapid development. This modification process is also used for paint pad dyeing, expanding the scope of application of padding. On this basis, also developed a cationic coating used to dye unmodified fiber textiles. It can be seen that the application of coating printing and dyeing technology is to overcome the coating on the fiber is not direct and not strong combination of these two shortcomings developed. At present, the dope dyed has been widely used in various types of textile printing, dyeing applications in the application is mainly some fastness requirements are not very high, feel is not very soft products, such as denim dyeing, differential dyeing and clothing dyeing.