Dope Dyed Is Not Directly Related To The Fiber


Textile Dope Dyed is a resource-rich and environmentally sensitive industry, and the importance of cleaner production technology is obvious as the environmental and resource crises become increasingly serious and the pressures and constraints of its development are increasing. Compared with the traditional dye printing and dyeing technology, paint printing and dyeing is a sustainable development of clean processing technology, it has a significant environmental advantages, application prospects.

Paint in the application of dyeing and finishing, long-term are used for printing, until the 20th century, 60 years after the coating dyeing report. With the continuous improvement of paint and adhesives, but also with the development of coating dyeing technology, dope dyed, especially in the light of color products have been concerned about everyone, and first in continuous rolling on the promotion. With the promotion of fiber cationic modification technology, paint dyeing has also been popularized, especially in the development of clothing dyeing soon. The process of coating the padding process is as follows: Baptist dyeing a drying a baking.

Paint the basic composition of the dye coating: paint a basic organic pigments, requiring more fine and uniform particles; adhesive with non-crosslinking and cross-linked two, the amount of less printing; crosslinking agent and printing the same type, The amount of low penetration agent to enhance the wetting and infiltration of the role of the solution: anti-swim agent to prevent the paint in the dry swimming, causing color; softener to improve the feel of a textile, improve the rubbing fastness.

Dope dyed is not directly related to the fiber, so difficult to dye dark varieties. Dyeing liquid dyeing on the entire textile, so the amount of adhesive should be low, and dispersion stability, adhesion and film-forming are strong. In order to enhance the adhesion of the coating to the textile, sometimes to add cross-linking agent, but the amount of low than the printing. Dye is in the padding into the textile, the time is short, it should use osmotic agent. Paint particles fine, no affinity for the fiber, so easy to swim in the drying, it is necessary to add appropriate anti-swim agent. It is mostly some hydrophilic polymer, so the amount should not be more, otherwise it will reduce the friction fastness of the paint and make the product feel hard. When the coating is dyed, the adhesive is adhered to the textile by the adhesive on the fiber. The presence of the adhesive crosslinking agent and the anti-swell agent will make the textiles feel harder. In order to improve the feel, so to add appropriate amount of softener to improve the feel, and improve the rubbing fastness.