DTY is the Ideal Raw Material for Knitting


Polyester Thread DTY (Draw texturing yarn), is in the bomb machine on the continuous or simultaneous stretching, after twisting the deformation of the finished wire.

FDY (Fully drawn yarn), has nothing to do, but now widely circulated, it will be spinning as a one-step process code, can be low-speed spinning, high-speed stretch winding, two processes in a spinning Silk stretch joint machine to complete, this production line production costs are low, and the finished product quality and stability, hair loss, less uniformity of dyeing.

POY (Partially oriented), refers to the high-speed spinning obtained by the degree of orientation in the non-oriented wire and drawn between the incomplete drawing of the chemical fiber filament. Compared with the undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, often used as tensile false twisted yarn (DTY) of the special wire.

Here mainly talk about DTY. DTY is a polyester chip as raw material, the use of high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented wire, and then by drawing false twist processing, with a short process, high efficiency, good quality and so on. DTY has high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable feel, soft luster, with high strength and elastic modulus of polyester, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance , Easy to wash fast dry and so on.

DTY is the ideal raw material for knitting and weaving, and it is suitable for making fabric, bedding and decoration. DTY also sewing effect, all the clothing of the pieces need this process, because the main purpose of the copy is to make the pieces of yarn will not be scattered, so the strong requirements of the copy line is not high.

DTY is widely used in the manufacture of fabric and industrial products, with excellent shape properties, after forming the flattened, fluffy or pleated, etc., in the use of multiple washing, can still be the same.