Embroidery Polyester Thread Creates Unique Things


To choose the embroidery Polyester Thread first to understand the thicker lines, the smaller the weight. Most embroidery threads are made into 40 WT threads, so it is the best choice for a new embroidery worker at the beginning. A 60WW thread is thinner and is usually used to stitch very small fonts to help keep the clarity as well as the neat appearance. A 30WT thread is thicker and provides more coverage, such as when stitched on a woolen blanket or other thick fabric, or when the density of the design is reduced during digitization to achieve a lower number of stitches, or When the machine file is increased by 40 WT size and density.

There are many different types of threads to choose from, and new types continue to appear on the market. There are several common cases here.

RAYON: Some embroidery machines are preferred to use high gloss and tensile strength to smooth the sewing. Although it has been greatly improved in recent years, but some types of artificial silk will flow into the fabric. It is advisable to use a specific brand of rayon for the first time to wash on a fabric waste. Metal: Made of metal core or thin metal foil wrapped in the center of the core, the color plus polyester film. In order to stimulate the accent of the accent, it is well known that it is difficult to stitch, but the use of a larger correct needle as well as the sewing machine when the slowdown improves the effect.

MYLAR: made of laminated film, and then cut into strips to form flat wire. Polyester film can be used for a variety of colors and holographic colors, from the surrounding objects to absorb light and color, in order to obtain a bright brightness effect. SILK: easy to absorb dyes, produce brilliant color and high gloss, its strength is conducive to sewing. In the higher cost of the place, it is most commonly used in luxury fabric embroidery.

There are a variety of embroidery threads that can help create a unique embroidery, such as imitation of acrylic and wool hand-embroidered appearance or solar type, changing the color exposed to the sun. It is usually found at higher cost that most embroiderymen only buy special effects lines when they are needed, and embroidery samples are often offered at embroidery and trade fairs, and some manufacturers offer small samples at low prices.