Embroidery Thread and Sewing Thread Leading Manufacturer


Hangzhou Jipusi Advanced Materails Co., Ltd. is the Embroidery Thread and Sewing Thread leading manufacturer.

Millions production capacity and widely known in Southern of China. With advanced technology and scientific management, our products are characterized with Bright Colors, Soft Feel, High Tensile Strength, Uniform Twist and Good Sewing Performances.

In the corner of 21 century, Jipusi devoted in creating more innovative new products. We have been helped to build a lot of local brands all over the world. During this period, OEM orders are massive and chasing of the best quality and reasonable price never stopped.

In the future, based on our Quality foundation stone, Jipusi we will continually devote ourselves to serving our customers.

Reaching 100% zero waste to landfill is a great milestone and is just one example of the many things we are doing as a company in our longstanding commitment to protecting our environment, from water conservation efforts, to state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities, to reducing our overall global carbon footprint.