FDY is the Key to Many Product Manufacturing


In the spinning process to introduce the role of stretching, can be obtained with high degree of orientation and moderate crystallinity of the winding wire, called FDY. Conventional polyester and nylon full stretch silk, are chemical fiber filament.

The jipusi-yarn fully drawn yarn (FDY) is produced by a method similar to POY manufacturing, except that the yarn is produced at a higher spinning speed, plus an intermediate drawing integrated in the process. This allows stability by orientation and crystallization. FDY is mainly used for making weft yarns or warp yarns. FDY can be woven or knitted with any other filament yarn to get a variety of different varieties of fabric. FDY polyester yarns are used for industrial applications where uniformity and uniform toughness, elongation and shrinkage are required. Most bonded yarns, industrial sewing threads and hose reinforcements are manufactured by FDY Polyester.

Fabrics made from FDY have a feeling and drape similar to the fabric. Made of pure silk, the product quality is highly realized. These yarns eliminate the stretching and sizing process, reducing the cost of light and medium-sized fabric products. As the manual rewinder to produce excellent packaging quality, high warpage efficiency, low fracture rate. Good dyeing consistency.

FDY can be finely woven or intertwined with other different filament yarns to obtain different ranges of fabric. Polyester FDY is actually used for fashion fabrics, home fabrics, Terry towels, denim and so on. Polyester yarn FDY can be carried out in three colors, including Bright, Trilobal Bright and Semi-dull, including triangular cross sections. Filament yarns that include radially colored lobes are widely used in the manufacture of carpets, sheets and curtains. Polyester FDI yarns can be approached in white and dark colored yarns. FDY dyeing yarns can be used directly in the production of colored fabrics.

There are many different types of industrial polyester yarns that have different physical properties that can be controlled by FDY's polymer and processing conditions. Choosing the right yarn type may be challenging, but it is the key to product development.