Here Are Two Kinds Of Polyester Embroidery Thread


There are two kinds of Polyester Embroidery Thread, one is artificial embroidery thread, the other is polyester embroidery thread. Artificial silk embroidery lines have a beautiful embroidery design, soft design, you can wash in high temperature water. Artificial silk has a high gloss, eye-catching. Polyester embroidery thread, embroidery line smooth operation, high embroidery speed, will not fade, laundry will not fade, the price is very economical. Both have amazing embroidery effects, there are hundreds of colors, can be played on many embroidered fabrics.

There are well-known sewing machine service center, when the embroidery machine starts, there will be many problems. Many times we found the problem is embroidery thread. Some threads work fine and threads need to throw trash. The key is to choose high-quality embroidery line can run smoothly, almost no problem. Over the years, we have found that polyester embroidery thread is the most successful embroidery thread. Whether it is embroidery machine brand, high-quality polyester embroidery line is the best choice.

If you are unsure of the quality of the polyester embroidery thread or have never tried it before, do not test the thread before using it. We also found that with the popularity of polyester embroidery lines, some companies produce low-cost, poor quality embroidery thread. Some polyester lines even stretch! Although the price of each spool looks good, but we often find embroidery division hate polyester embroidery line, because they do not know they are using polyester embroidery thread. The end result is not very nice.

Whether you are in the home sewing machine or homemade long-arm quilting machine, polyester embroidery thread is usually a variety of colors and smooth sewing options. If you want to sew your suture in the seam is also very good. Whether you are quilted or embroidered, once you find no trouble embroidery line, stick to it. When we find a line that can be used with all brands of sewing machines and embroidery machines, it will stay.