Jipusi Dope Dyed Reduces The Cost Of Cleaner Production


Since the synthesis of adhesives in the mid-20th century after mass production, the coating through the adhesive can be more firmly combined with the fiber textiles, Dope Dyed is gradually used for textile printing, but also a small amount for textile pad dyeing. Because of these two kinds of processing, the coating can be mechanically applied to the textile, processing a variety of printing and dyeing products, but deep color dyeing products are also difficult to get.

The coating has no affinity for any fiber, there is no dyeing process, there is only adhesion or coloring process, so there is no selectivity for a variety of fibers, suitable for a variety of fibers, including dyes can not be stained glass, metal and other fibers, so special Applicable to multi-component fiber textile printing and dyeing. Because there is no affinity, it also makes it fight color when there is no competition and compatibility issues, easy to fight color, good reproducibility, easy to sample like a large sample and color control.

Dope dyed can be used in different color system of colored materials, including the use of organic and inorganic colored material used or used together, so it is not only complete chromatography, and can be obtained when the dye can not get the color or effect, gold and silver, pearlescent and Flash color and other special printing and dyeing effect, but also easy to get high light resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance of the species.

Dope dyed process is simple, because only the occurrence of textile coloring or adhesion process (some of the process only printing and drying, and some other process to be baked, most of the process without washing, the most simple process only includes printing and drying Dry two steps), so the processing process is short, processing equipment is simple, not only high production efficiency, more importantly, energy saving, little sewage discharge, but also greatly reduces the cost, can be cleaner production.

color strength of dope dyed is low, and the light has a certain cover, so the printing and dyeing of deep varieties have some difficulties. Because of its poor dyeing or printing slurry or ink dispersion stability is poor, currently used for inkjet printing and dyeing there are some difficulties. It can be seen from the above, although there are many advantages of paint printing and dyeing, especially for clean production prospects, but it also has some inherent shortcomings, hindered its development.