Jipusi Polyester Poy Is A Hydrophobic Fiber


Now in the life of polyester has been often seen, such as nano-class or other types of modified fibers have long been accepted by downstream users. Especially in Jipusi Polyester POY, because the production of natural fibers by natural conditions are difficult to large-scale expansion, the world's textile industry demand for polyester is increasing.

The research on polyester modified fiber has made great progress in recent years. The related research is mainly from the aspects of production technology and production equipment. Modified polyester fiber, its use of comfort, dyeability, flame retardant, antibacterial, anticoagulant and other properties have a greater degree of improvement, this type of polyester fiber in the fabric has a wide range of applications.

Polyester POY, material and structure is relatively stable, long-term storage and transportation. Due to the low degree of orientation and crystallinity of POY, the strength of the fiber is relatively low and the elongation is relatively large. It can not be directly used for weaving and knitting. It needs to be processed later, and the strength is reduced to reduce the elongation and meet the weaving requirements. Polyester POY is used to develop woolen fabrics. POY is rarely used alone, generally used as a composite filament with FDY to develop new products.

Polyester POY is a hydrophobic fiber with a wet dampness in its fabric. The hydrophobicity of the polyester can be improved by improving the hydrophobicity of the polyester. The improved method is to introduce a hydrophilic group on the conventional fiber to enhance the affinity of the fiber with water. The hydrophilic group which can be introduced has carboxyl group, hydroxyl group, amide group, amino group and Sulfonic acid groups and the like. For example, the use of acrylic acid and polyester graft copolymer can improve the comfort of polyester. The use of radiation grafting, fiber surface and internal simultaneous grafting, with a small pollution, the advantages of short process.