Jipusi Polyester Yarn Has Excellent Feel And Comfort


Polyester Yarn is an important part of crochet and knitting, and it is very important to choose the right yarn for your crochet or knitting items. If you follow a crochet or knit pattern, make sure you use the same yarn brand as the pattern, or at least pick the yarn with similar characteristics, because different yarns and different crochet will produce different results. There are many types of yarns on the market, which are usually classified according to yarn materials such as natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool, angola, cashmere, mohair, alpaca), synthetic (rayon, nylon, polyester) and blended yarn Line (combination of natural and synthetic yarn).

Bulk yarns are processed yarns that make them thicker and larger than others in the form of shrinkage during processing. Typically, bulk yarns are primarily made of shrink and non-shrink short fibers, especially polyacrylonitrile by semi-worsted spinning. The production method comprises mixing two PET filament yarns, one for the shrinkage component and the other for the shrinkage component, followed by the relaxation process.

Polyester yarn is a fully oriented polyester multifilament yarn. It is well known that the soft curl, high loose and texture of the cotton texture and very high durability and retention. Partially oriented yarns are textured using a high-speed texturing machine to achieve these characteristics.

Polyester yarn is produced on high speed wire drawing machines with the same function. It should use an electronic package size measurement unit to ensure uniform yarn packaging, should be consistent with the use of high quality anti-static oil level, and the use of appropriate staggered choice to adapt to the packaging without the need for sizing. Regular quality inspection should be carried out in terms of dyeing capacity. But also closely monitor the volume and elongation to ensure consistency of quality.

Bright polyester yarns are used for pants, shirts, suits, ski suits, underwear and sportswear. Compared with ordinary polyester, polyester yarn deformation is compact, soft, bulky and other unique features, with excellent feel and comfort.