Jipusi Polyester Yarn Is Suitable For Interior Decoration


Polyester Yarn is a small number of sewing items, but their importance is undeniable. Choose the right thread for your application Make sure you get the best performance for the seam. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the final position of the fabric. Outdoor fabrics need to be able to withstand the weather of the line, while the interior fabric has a different performance requirements. In this article, we will look at the polyester thread, its use and their attributes for these purposes.

Outdoor applications require UV-resistant, high strength and abrasion resistance, mildew resistance, often salt water and other special features, can be used in all weather conditions. For indoor applications, UV resistance becomes less important, abrasion resistance and stretching become more important. For example, an interior application requires a thread with good flexibility to give and resume when sitting down. Polyester lines can meet these requirements.

Polyester is known for its strength, durability and low shrinkage and stretchability, and is the most common thread in outdoor applications. On the nylon line, the polyester thread has excellent resistance to UV and moisture, but for a long time exposed to sunlight, its strength is largely lost. Polyester thread can be used with a variety of colors, but with the passage of time, the color will gradually fade. We recommend the use of polyester yarns for outdoor cushions and upholstery, sailing, outdoor canvas covers, boat hoods, awnings, tents and tarpaulins.

One of the most popular myths in the quilting world is that the polyester thread is so strong that it will tear through your fabric! Let us set a straight line, the line will not be torn by the fabric because of fiber content. If a thread passes through the fabric, it is because it wins the strength of the game, either cotton or polyester. Some cotton threads are stronger and supple than polyester threads. I believe that you need to use it on your home quilt.