Jipusi-yarn Dope Dyed Acclimated To Actualize Dope Yarns


Dope dyed polyester yarn is aswell alleged blush yarn, the yarn produced by the new technology. This yarn fabricated by the polyester dent and masterbatch, the yarn with directly, and it no charge to dyeing again. So it can save the dyeing process, and it is abundant added environmental. It is added and added accepted in hometextile, attenuated tape, description bolt and so on.

There are two capital processes frequently acclimated to actualize dope yarns: amalgamation absolute and band-aid absolute (also alleged Dope dyed ). Let’s yield a attending at each:

Package Absolute Yarns

Package dying is a complete technology that is one of the a lot of frequently acclimated methods of yarn dying. This eight footfall action involves dying accustomed yarns that accept been anguish on perforated spools that are absolute in a pressurized tank.

Package Absolute Advantages

Small lot sizes are accepted and accessible application amalgamation dying

Custom blush and adumbration analogous is accessible due to the abate lot sizes than dope dying

These factors accomplish amalgamation dying acceptable for adaptability and blush development

Solution or Dope Dyed Yarns

Solution or benumbed absolute yarns are created by abacus a masterbatch blush to the polymer cook in spinning or extrusion. This after-effects in fibers and filaments that are absolutely abounding with colorant advancing out of the spinnerets in a one footfall process.


Solution Absolute yarn is awful aggressive to UV achromatize and adumbration changes

Solution absolute yarns are absolutely compatible in blush and about do not alter from lot to lot

Solution absolute yarns are colorfast, aggressive to assorted washings and balmy achromatize solutions

Energy costs for benumbed absolute yarns is the aforementioned as accustomed yarns

More environmentally affable back no baptize is acclimated in the band-aid dying process.