Polyester DTY Can be Used as a Substitute for Cotton


Textiles in the production of textured more and more important, not only in the weaving and knitting fashion products in the yarn, but also for carpets, furniture fabrics and a variety of technical textiles. The yarn texture technology covers all major techniques such as twist textures, jet textures, false twisting processes, BCF processes and jet textures.

What is texture yarn? The textured yarn is treated so that its surface is highly irregularly formed by continuous filament yarns by curling or introducing rings having various shapes. The widely used methods include: False- twist texturing in which the yarn is continuously twisted, heat-set and untwisted no overall twist is produced in the filaments. Stuffer box crimping and in the jet weaving, the winding ring is subjected to turbulence by making the yarn Air flow and the formation. The yarn volume increases, sometimes referred to as the expansion continuous filament BCF. They are also easier to extend and are used in articles such as tight fit body tights.

DTY is a fully stretched full orientation polyester multifilament yarn with soft curl, high bulk and texture, cotton feel and very high durability and retention. This is done by weaving a partially oriented yarn by using a weaving machine. DTY for fabric end use, such as clothing, underwear, skin care clothing, furniture, interior decoration and so on. This is a substitute for cotton and cotton blended yarn, the water content is very low.

Polyester DTY is produced on the latest high-speed planar weaving machine with the same function. Comprehensive quality inspection in terms of dyeing capacity. Carefully monitor loosening and elongation to ensure consistency of self-weaving devices. The electronic package size measurement unit ensures uniform texture of the yarn package. Consistent high-quality anti-static lubricating oil levels, as well as the combination of appropriate staggered selection, suitable for purposes of warping without sizing.