Polyester Dty Is Also Used For Packaging Products


If the polyester POY is DTY polyester wire, the use of wire drawing yarn (DTY) yarn. Polyester DTY is mainly adapted to the knitting of fabrics, which are suitable for use in authoritative clothes, home furnishings, bench covers, accessories and a variety of added uses. DTY yarns can be used in semi-dark or arson or trihedral ablation depending on the pattern of the filament part.

Polyester DTY's technical background can be shaped by several means to achieve its all-inclusive use acceptable yarn. DTY yarns from India can be a combination of several Intermingle beliefs, which can be non-hybrid (NIM), accept 0 to 10 knots or half-mix (SIM) to accept 40 to 50 knots or meters (HIM) accepts 100 - 120 knots / m. In fact, if the two equipment are torn, but they are generated by the heating pressure of the coil junction, these knots are not actually angry. Cationic DTY is another alternative to polyester DTY, which is mainly used for blankets. Cationic DTY is a fake of cationic PET chips.

Polyester DTY yarns can be obtained by absolute technique of head or dyeing. The blocktop absolute DTY is usually arranged on a cardboard bobbin that holds the original white DTY, which is suitable for dyeing and is arranged on a perforated man made so that if the ball is two-color, all the yarns can be calm and absolute. DTY is mainly China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia polyester yarn DTY, and exports around the world.

Polyester DTY is also suitable for use in authoritative packaging equipment such as polyester film, insulating tape, beef pie and several added day and night food items. Polyester fiber yarns are suitable for knitting and abnormality to achieve polyester fabrics such as drape fabrics and home abilities such as curtains, sheets, beds and drapes. Similarly, polyester top-of-the-line equipment for automated yarns can be adapted to complete ropes, belts, guaranteed belts and troubles in fabrics. The polyester base fiber is mainly adapted to ciliated filled pillows, cushions, sofa beds and bed linen.