Polyester Dty Is The Core Product Of Jipusi-yarn


Polyester DTY, known as polyester brushed yarn is made in the continuous drawing of POY polyester. DTY yarn is actually used for weaving and knitted fabrics for the production of clothing, furniture, luggage, seat cover and so on. DTY yarns of different colors can be obtained by conventional dyeing or by dye dyeing. The technical properties of polyester DTY yarns can be molded in a variety of ways to suit yarns for a wide range of applications.

Polyester DTY is the core product of jipusi-yarn. We are the world's leading supplier of polyester DTY yarns, traders, exporters. DTY yarn appears in Bright, TBR Trilobal Bright or Semi-Dull, CD cation; RW original white, color, DDB black; HIM heavy mix, SIM mix slightly, NIM unmixed, depending on filament segment. Our products are of high quality and completely reliable. Polyester DTY is mass produced and is further exported in many parts of the world.

DTY is a polyester chip as raw material, the use of high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented wire, and then by false twist processing, short process, high efficiency, good quality and so on. DTY has a large volume, good heat dissipation, comfortable feel, soft luster, high strength and polyester elastic modulus, good heat setting, resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to dry and so on Features.

In addition to our common DTY, there are FDY, POY. FDY, now widely circulated, will be spinning one step processing code, can be low-speed spinning, high-speed stretch winding, two processes in the spinning wire drawing joint machine to complete, this production line production costs are low, the finished product quality is stable, Hair loss, poor dyeing uniformity. POY refers to high-speed spinning obtained by the degree of orientation in the non-oriented line and is stretched between the incomplete stretching of the fibril. Compared with the non-drawn yarn, it has a certain orientation, good stability, often used as a special line of tensile false twisted yarn (DTY).