Polyester DTY Is The Ideal Material For Knitting


Synthetic fibers are the most popular fibers in the world - it is estimated that synthetic fibers account for about 65% of world production and 35% of natural fibers. Most synthetic fibers (about 70%) are made from polyester, and polyesters most commonly used in textiles are polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Used in fabrics, most commonly known as polyesters.

Polyester DTY is a polyester chip as raw material, the use of high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented wire, and then through the drawing twist, processing time is short, high efficiency, good quality and so on. DTY has a large volume, good heat dissipation, comfortable feel, soft luster, high strength and polyester elastic modulus, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy Dry cleaning and other characteristics.

Polyester DTY is the ideal raw material for knitting and weaving, suitable for fabrics, bedding and decorations. DTY also has a good sewing effect, all the clothing pieces need this process, because the main purpose of copying is to make the yarn will not be scattered, so the requirements of the copy line is not high. Polyester DTY is widely used in the manufacture of fabrics and industrial products, with excellent molding properties, flattened, fluffy or wrinkled after molding, and can be the same when using multiple laundering.

Polyester DTY: In general, the decorative line is cotton, polyester or both. Decorative silk mercerized for more backbone and blush life. It is to reduce the lint, and it is recommended to calm the canyon by bolts and then damage it. In general, you can also use decorative decorative threads to decorate. DTY is relatively fluffy, the fabric is rich, can be adjusted by the bomb process, if the customer special needs, please call the production staff attention. General DTY this number is no specific requirements, low elastic yarn 20%, the network is high in the 30% or so.