Polyester Thread Has Better Resistance To Uv


Starting from the right working materials, product quality, aesthetics and durability are the key to choice. When choosing between nylon and polyester, we ask our thread suppliers to share some tips to help you make the right decisions for your project. Although filament nylon and filament polyester are good products, each has its own specific benefits that may make you one by one go one by one.

The nylon thread has the best stitching. It is stronger than polyester, more wearable than any other fiber. Therefore, the nylon thread is used for footwear, bags, boots, furniture, football, saddles and other wear products. In general, Polyester Thread has better UV (UV) resistance than nylon, so it tends to be used for outdoor applications such as tents, awnings, outdoor furniture, stern lights, etc. that may be exposed to outdoor products for extended periods of time.

Polyester thread refers to the production of polyester used in cotton yarn, polyester is a kind of polymer by spinning and made of fiber, the current refers to the ethylene glycol phthalate as raw material for the production of fiber. Polyester line has a high strength and elastic recovery ability, so durable, anti-wrinkle-free. It is better lightfastness, in addition to the difference than the acrylic, the light fastness than natural fiber fabric, especially in the glass behind the sun ability is very good, almost the same with the acrylic. Another polyester fabric can be resistant to chemical, acid and alkali damage to its degree is not large.

Polyester thread in the textile industry has been widely used, China is also a chemical fiber power, but how to make the fiber stronger, you need to continuously improve their own scientific and technological innovation, to give more value-added in order to go further. Polyester fiber yarn is mainly used for clothing and interior decoration. Polyester lines have other fabrics do not have the flame retardant properties. The real polyester fiber fabric will burn after the internal skeleton of glass fiber, it will not be deformed, and ordinary fabric after burning without any residue. And the fabric will not mold.