Polyester Thread Have Excellent Textile Properties


Jipusi Polyester Thread diluted by styrene, the formation of the appropriate temperature at room temperature, can be cured at room temperature, light color, different measures can be used to improve its performance. After curing, the overall performance is good, although the mechanical properties than epoxy, but better than phenolic, electrical performance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance are valuable, and a special brand to meet the needs of different purposes, the total performance or people are satisfied.

What is the polyester thread fabric? Careful people in the purchase of some outdoor windbreaker, sportswear or jackets ski clothing and other types of clothing, will see the clothes on the washing line marked polyester line, so many people are not clear together What is the difference between polyester fiber and polyester fiber? What is the disadvantage of polyester fiber and the shortcomings of polyester fiber? Today for you to interpret polyester fiber, let you thoroughly understand the poly What is the polyester fiber fabric.

Polyester fibers Synthetic fibers obtained by spinning polyesters made from polycondensation of organic dibasic acids and glycols. Industrialized mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, China's trade name for the polyester. Polyester fiber is the first major variety of synthetic fibers. So, polyester fiber is actually our people often say that the polyester.

Polyester thread has many excellent textile properties and performance, wide range of uses, can be purely woven, but also with cotton, wool, silk, linen and other natural fibers and other chemical fibers blended intertwined, made of many colors, , Easy to wash easy to dry, no hot and wash can wear good performance of wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk, imitation linen fabric. Polyester fabric for men and women shirts, jackets, children's clothing, interior fabrics and carpets. As the polyester line has good flexibility and bulkiness, can also be used as cotton.