Polyester Thread Is A High Quality Synthetic Fiber


Sewing thread material a lot, which is the polyester line and nylon line is one of two, then you know what is the difference between them?

Polyester Thread is a high quality synthetic fiber, used to make the suture high strength, in all kinds of sutures second only to the nylon line, ranking second, and wet state will not reduce the strength. Its shrinkage rate is very small, after the appropriate shape after the contraction of less than 1%, so the stitching of the stitch can always maintain a pretty flat, no shrinkage. Abrasion resistance after the nylon. Low moisture regain, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistance, light resistance and water resistance. Therefore, the polyester line is the use of very wide variety, in many occasions, replacing the cotton sewing thread. Polyester thread is widely used, can be used for cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric and blended fabric clothing sewing, can also be used for sewing knitted coat. Special polyester thread or footwear leather industry excellent line.

Wet strength and dry strength of the polyester yarn is basically the same. Impact resistance than nylon 4 times higher than the viscose fiber 20 times higher. Good elasticity. Elastic close to the wool, when the elongation of 5% to 6%, almost completely restored. Wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabric is not wrinkled, good dimensional stability. Elastic modulus of 22 ~ 141cN / dtex, 2 to 3 times higher than nylon. Good water absorption. Good grinding. Abrasion resistance after the best wear resistance of nylon, than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers are good, light resistance after the acrylic.

Polyester fabric hygroscopicity is poor, wearing a hot feeling, while easy to bring static electricity, stained dust, affecting the appearance and comfort. But easy to dry after washing, and wet strength is almost no decline, no deformation, a good wash can wear performance. Polyester is the best heat resistance of synthetic fiber fabric, melting point at 260 ℃, ironing temperature can be 180 ℃. With thermoplastic, can be made pleated skirt, pleated lasting. At the same time, polyester fabric, poor resistance to melting, in case of soot, Mars and other easy to form holes. Therefore, when wearing should try to avoid cigarette butts, sparks and other contacts. Polyester fabric is better lightfastness, in addition to the difference than the acrylic, the sun fasting ability than natural fiber fabric. Especially in the glass behind the fast-drying ability is very good, almost comparable with the acrylic. Polyester fabrics are resistant to all chemicals. Acid, alkali damage to their degree is not large, while not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects. Polyester fabric wrinkle resistance and shape retention is very good, therefore, suitable for jacket clothing.