Polyester Thread Is Common In Outdoor Applications


The line is a small piece of stitching project, but its importance is undeniable. Choose the right thread for your application Make sure you get the best performance for the seam. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the final position of the fabric. Outdoor fabrics need to be able to endure the weather lines, while the interior fabric has a different performance requirements.

Threads like Tenara or Helios have been guaranteed. These threads are not affected by UV, harsh cleaners, contaminants, brine, rain, snow, cold and rot. PTFE thread has many performance advantages, but they are a bit expensive. Their pre-requisitions are much more expensive, but less re-stitching is needed throughout the life of the project. These threads have only a few colors, but those that are translucent are the most popular because it will blend with any color fabric. PTFE thread for outdoor, marine and awning applications. PTFE thread is very slippery and may be difficult to sew. It does not require as much tension as the polyester thread, so you need to adjust the sewing machine accordingly. It also helps to use a needle that is smaller than an ordinary needle to ensure that the thread provides the appropriate loop for hook capture.

Polyester is known for its strength, durability, low shrinkage and stretch, and is the most common line in outdoor applications. On the nylon line, the polyester thread has excellent resistance to UV and moisture, but for a long time exposed to sunlight, its strength is largely lost. Polyester thread can be used with a variety of colors, but the color will gradually fade with the passage of time. We recommend the use of polyester yarns for outdoor cushions and upholstery, sailing, outdoor canvas covers, boat hoods, awnings, tents and tarpaulins.

Polyester thread is a high quality synthetic fiber, used to produce high strength suture, in all kinds of sutures second only to the nylon line, ranking second, and wet state will not reduce the strength. Its shrinkage rate is very small, after the appropriate shape after the contraction of less than 1%, so the stitching of the stitch can always maintain a pretty flat, no shrinkage. Therefore, the polyester thread is the use of very wide variety, in many occasions, replacing the cotton sewing thread. Polyester thread is widely used, can be used for cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric and blended fabric clothing sewing, can also be used for sewing knitted coat. Special Polyester Thread or footwear leather industry excellent line.