Polyester Thread More Exposed To Harsh Environments


Polyester threads look and feel like nylon. You can not tell the difference just by looking at it. The specifications like Strength and Stretch are very similar. This means that polyesters work like nylon in most applications, including: upholstery, leather goods, automotive interiors, banners and flags, sports equipment, dog collars, saddles and tacks, scabbards, holsters , Fishing lures and other items.

Polyester is better than nylon when your item is exposed to the sun (ultraviolet light), mold, bleach, acids and alkalis for a long time. This means that it is a better choice for anything that needs to be used outdoors most of the time. Pool covers, tarpaulins, outdoor furniture, banners and flags are all examples of things that should be sewn with polyester threads.

It is important to distinguish between long-term use and occasional use. For example, tents used for annual camping trips may be sewn with nylon or polyester, and tents used to house seasonal seasons should be polyester sewn. Similar dog leashes, saddles, motorcycle seats and boots can be sewn with nylon or polyester because they are indoors most of the time.

Polyester threads do not provide the ultimate UV protection. High-end plastic exterior brands such as Sunbrella and Tenara offer a replacement guarantee that they will no longer use regular polyesters. In addition, there are UV-treated nylon and polyester lines, the better. It does not matter if the sewing material is not bleached and sun-resistant. After all, these materials account for at least 90% of the content and cost of the sewn items.

Polyester threads are strong enough for the various applications described so far. However, this is a bad option for high stress applications such as conveyor belts. Polyester is rapidly replacing rayon as the first choice for embroidery. It is called high gloss, stand up for washing and bleaching. There are many polyester embroidery threads on our embroidery and sewing pages, and we have about 400 colors to choose from.