Polyester Yarn Is An Important Part Of Crochet And Knitting


Polyester Yarn is an important part of crochet and knitting, and it is very important to choose the correct yarn for your crocheted or knitted items. If you follow a crochet or knit pattern, make sure to use the same yarn brand as the yarn, or at least pick the yarn with similar characteristics, because different yarns and different crochet will produce different results. There are many types of yarns on the market, usually based on natural fiber (cotton, silk, wool, angola, cashmere, mohair, alpaca), synthetic (rayon, nylon, polyester) and blended yarns and other yarn materials Natural and synthetic yarn combinations).

Polyester yarn is a fully oriented polyester multifilament yarn. It is well known that soft curl, high loose and texture of cotton texture and very high durability and retention. Partially oriented yarns are textured using a high-speed texturing machine to achieve these characteristics. Polyester yarns are produced on high speed wire drawing machines with the same function. The electronic package size measurement unit should be used to ensure uniform packaging of the yarn, should be consistent with the use of high-quality anti-static oil level, and the use of appropriate staggered selection to adapt packaging, no glue. Quality inspection should be carried out on a regular basis. But also closely monitor the volume and elongation to ensure quality consistency.

Polyester yarn in the application of a wide range of applications, in addition to traditional clothing, but also for automotive, construction, construction indoor and outdoor decoration, labor protection and other industries. The application of chemical fiber in the field of clothing. East Asia clothing chemical fiber total demand share increased year by year, especially the excellent performance of chemical fiber, suitable for the best choice of special industries, and in a special important position.

In the recent polyester yarn market prices, polyester silk prices from a stable point of view, polyester yarn trading market atmosphere than before, the price of major polyester yarn manufacturers remain unchanged, but there are individual manufacturers of polyester yarn specifications The rise and fall of zero. Polyester market recently, the actual volume of the average only a small amount and a lot. Polyester filament market has been on the sidelines, in the downstream of the manufacturer, plus the procurement of polyester yarn will be reduced.