Polyester yarn prices in May The characteristics of the fabrics of polyester yarn


What is the polyester yarn prices? Before talking about polyester yarn price, let's see what are the characteristics of polyester silk fabrics? Only a holistic understanding polyester silk, this material to understand its price, let's to learn together.
The characteristics of the fabrics of polyester yarn
Polyester silk chemical fiber in the application has a wide range of USES, in addition to the traditional clothing, is to the industries such as automobile, building, building indoor and outdoor decoration, labor protection and other fields. The application of chemical fiber development direction of the garment field. East Asia the clothing with chemical fiber share of total demand increased year by year, especially some excellent performance of chemical fiber, suitable for the best choice of special industries, and in a special important position.
1, regenerated fiber: he same chemical composition and natural cellulose, and the physical structure has changed, so called regenerated cellulose fiber. Such as viscose fiber, acetate, copper ammonia fibre, etc., the main production of viscose fiber in our country. Characteristics: good soft luster, good moisture absorption, permeability is good, good dyeing performance (it is not easy to rub off). Defect is the difference in wet fastness, namely the water intensity is lower.
2, synthetic fiber, polyester, characteristic: the strength and good abrasion resistance, crisp, out of shape not easily, have a good wash and wear, and not easy to rub off. The disadvantage is poor water imbibition. Nylon, features: high strength, good abrasion resistance, among the top of the fiber. Shortcomings and polyester hygroscopic and permeability is bad. Characteristics of acrylic, : polishing than wool, silk fiber is good. But poor abrasion resistance. In addition, a whalen, polypropylene fiber, spandex, etc.
The characteristics of polyester
1, high strength. Short fiber strength is 2.6 ~ 5.7 cN/dtex, high tenacity fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0 cN/dtex.
2, good elasticity. Elastic wool, when 5% ~ 6% elongation, almost fully recovered. Wrinkle resistance than that of other fibers, the fabric does not wrinkle, size stability is good.
3, heat resistant polyester is by melt spinning method, after forming of the fiber can again by heat melt, belongs to thermoplastic fibers.
4, good abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance after wear resistance of nylon best, better than other natural fiber and synthetic fiber.
5, good light fastness. Light fastness is second only to acrylic. Polyester fabric has good light fastness, in addition to the worse than acrylic, its fast ability is better than natural fiber fabrics. Especially the ability of fast behind the glass is very good, is almost equal with acrylic.
6, corrosion resistance. Resistant to bleach, oxidant, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and mineral acid. Dilute alkali resistant, not afraid of bad, but hot alkali can make its decomposition
Polyester yarn prices in May
According to the latest statistics of polyester staple fiber prices, polyester staple fiber prices held steady overall. Polyester staple fiber of the main manufacturers in the near future cash flows are a lot of problems, so from the point of view of market reaction, manufacturers have a strong appetite valuation. In the domestic market of fujian polyester short silk trading volume price is higher, atmosphere is good. In shandong, hebei market, the price of the polyester yarn is stable is given priority to, number of buyers has increased, the will of the downstream procurement improved than before. Polyester yarn in the history.the market prices remained weak in the overall stability of the situation. According to market experts predict, in a short time, the price of polyester staple fiber should keep smooth, does not exclude the polyester yarn price rise in the rear.
In recent polyester yarn market price, low price of polyester filament from steady situation, polyester silk trading market atmosphere than before fall, each big manufacturer of polyester yarn prices remain the same, but there are individual manufacturer of polyester yarn specifications have 100 sporadic rise up and down. Polyester filament market recently, the real trading volume on the average, only few and large volume. Of polyester silk market has maintained a wait-and-see attitude, in the downstream of the manufacturer, plus bomb enterprise procurement of polyester yarns will diminish.
Polyester fabric? In addition to the above characteristics, simple said is that it is not easy to absorbing water, and some of the high-grade varieties also has the functions such as moisture absorption ranking, permeability is good, do the coat is very good. But its comfort not pure cotton, and may have to stimulate the skin effect.