The Choice Of Polyester Embroidery Thread Is A Problem


Traditionally, Polyester Embroidery Thread has been used to decorate clothes and furniture, including tablecloths, tray cloths, towels and bedding, but as long as they are made of uniform fabric, you can embroidery anything directly and can be firmly held in your hand or in a special Embroidery ring or tapestry frame. The art of hand embroidery is a tough and arduous process, but today's clothing is usually decorated with machine embroidery. Embroidery is also used as a form of art and decoration by creating embroidery or cross stitch samplers, tapestries, tapestries and other textile works. Some types of patchwork also embroidery as an extra form of decoration. Want to really do embroidery, so good polyester embroidery thread is essential.

What kind of polyester embroidery thread should I use? This is one of the most common problems we have heard. The answer is simple and difficult at the same time. First of all to decide what fiber to use. Artificial silk, polyester, cotton, silk or metal? Everyone has pros and cons, but basically comes down to personal preferences. Rayon and polyester are the most common embroidery threads. Always choose a quality thread to ensure the best results for your embroidery.

Artificial silk embroidery thread is currently the most popular embroidery machine line. They have consistently performed on high-speed embroidery machines, breaking or worn little. Rayon is a high-gloss silk thread that is often used as a substitute for lower wire costs. Most artificial silk embroidery threads can be used for 40 wt. Available in a variety of colors and tones, including variegated. While some brands can, but artificial silk embroidery thread is usually not color fastness. It is advisable to avoid the use of any bleach, including bleach for color. The sutures sewn with rayon threads are very smooth and consistent, resulting in higher quality embroidery items. Artificial silk threads worsen over time, so pay attention to how to store. In low humidity areas, rayon can be stored in the refrigerator to extend the service life of the line as long as possible.

Polyester embroidery thread is the choice of popular economy. It has a variety of colors, and your results will be similar to rayon. The advantage of polyester is that it does not shrink, fade or lose. Like rayon, polyester thread is strong, will not easily rupture or wear.