The Differentiation Of Polyester Poy And Polyester Foy


Polyester POY refers to the incomplete elongation of the chemical filament obtained between the unoriented and drawn yarns obtained by high speed spinning. Compared with the undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, often used as tensile false twisted yarn (DTY) of the special wire.

Partially oriented yarn is produced from the melting and extrusion (melt spinning) of the polyester chip or flake. During the spinning process, the filaments are stretched or stretched up to five times their original size to orient the polymer to meet the desired uniformity, strength, shrinkage and elongation properties. Therefore, the term partially oriented yarn refers to a portion that is only partially stretched. POY is usually less resilient and more uniform than fully oriented yarn (FOY). POY is mainly used for texturing to produce deformed yarns, and can also be used for woven warp and warp stretch warp.

Polyester FOY are manufactured by methods similar to those produced by polyester POY, except that yarns are produced at higher spinning speeds and are integrated in the middle of the method itself. This allows stability by orientation and crystallization. Polyester FOY is mainly used for making weft yarns or warp yarns. Polyester FDY can be woven or knitted with any other filament yarn to get a variety of different varieties of fabric. FOY polyester yarns are used for industrial applications where uniformity and uniform toughness, elongation and shrinkage are required. Most bonded yarns, industrial sewing threads and hose reinforcements are manufactured from FOY polyester.

There are many different types of industrial polyester yarns with different physical properties that can be controlled by polyester POY or polyester FOY yarn polymer formulations and processing conditions. Choosing the right type of yarn can be challenging, so working with a reliable partner to match the right polyester yarn to your application is key to rapid optimization and product development.