The Main Problem With Dope Dyed Is Color


Dope Dyed in the application of processing, long-term are used for printing, until the 20th century, 60 years, only the coating dyeing reports. With the continuous improvement of paint and adhesive, but also with the development of paint dyeing technology, paint dyeing, especially in the light color products were only concerned about everyone, and first in continuous paddling on the promotion. With the promotion of fiber cationic modification technology, coating diffusion has also been popularized, especially in the garment dyeing development.

The dope dyed is developed after the application of cationic modification technology, because the unmodified fiber is difficult to dye with paint, the coating is basically not adsorbed on the fiber. Paint is characterized by suitable for small batch processing, especially for clothing, such as denim clothing dyeing, because the coating is more prone to dipping, bleaching and other effects. Dip can also be used for yarn, knitwear dyeing, so in recent years the rapid development.

The main problem of dope dyed is color control and repair color is difficult, because the cation after modification of the fiber is difficult to adjust the color, the other uneven dyeing is also a recurring problem; another point is the color fastness of dyeing, especially the dark varieties of wet friction fastness is not high. Dry and wet rubbing fastness is not high because there are two main points: First, and paint printing, pigment particles can not enter the fiber inside, but by adhesion agent film adhesion on the fiber surface; another reason is that after the cationic modification of the fiber, there is a strong electrostatic attraction between the coating and the adhesive particles. Although this electrostatic force can greatly improve the adhesion of the pigment to the fiber and improve the dyeing rate, it is not conducive to the pigment Particles penetrate the yarn, which binds more on the surface of the textile, as is the case with the adhesive, so it is not conducive to improving the rubbing fastness. In addition, the amount of paint adhesion adhesive is also low, more conducive to improve the rubbing fastness. Traditional paint dyeing fiber to be cationic modification, and then paint the dyeing process is longer, is not conducive to control the color and repair color.