The Price Of The Polyester Yarn Is Controllable


Products are made for outdoor use or exposed to UV light require special specifications to suit a wide range of environmental conditions. The UV degradation of industrial sewing threads is the physical and chemical change caused by UV irradiation of the base polymer. The UV energy absorbed into the line causes the polymer chains to degrade and reduce the strength in the line. It also affects the threading, such as bonding, and the discoloration or speckles that cause the dye to stain.

Polyester yarn is the most commonly used thread for outdoor applications and needs to be exposed to UV light, including pool covers, hot water tank covers, outdoor furniture, outdoor coverings and the like. Replacement lines, especially nylon, decompose on exposure to similar elements and degrade faster than polyester. Polyester naturally blocks UV light and is therefore recommended for a variety of outdoor uses. Compared with nylon thread, polyester has excellent UV resistance. However, even without the proper treatment, the polyester loses much of its strength even after prolonged UV exposure.

Some people say he has been engaged in the industrial yarn business for 21 years and has not seen the current pricing of polyester yarns. If you buy and sell synthetic yarn, I believe you have the same feeling. The fast-paced modern business climate has affected the volatility of every market, even in very mature markets (known as "old spin-offs").

Polyester Yarn pricing has remained fairly controllable for the past five years. We see a slight increase or decrease every three months, but the change is mild to moderate. We have a couple of long days and the pricing is flat. During the move, pricing increases or decreases by nickel or less. Rising costs and dynamic market forces have pushed the polyester industry into a volatile phase. Pricing is rising almost daily. Some rose as much as $ 0.25 a pound (despite the fact that prices were at their lowest levels in history). Chinese producers cite effective prices until the end of the day because they do not know what the daily raw materials and market prices will be.