The Strength of the Polyester Line Leads to Its Wide Application


I think the main concern of many of us is to match the embroidery thread with our fabric without worrying about its fiber content.

Polyester Thread is very strong in fiber. Wear and sunscreen, making it an ideal choice for outdoor or coat making, but also the only use of the fabric when making the diaper. It is also the right choice for leather work, because it will not be the same as the decomposition of cotton. However, the strength of the polyester line is also why we do not use it as a multipurpose line. We'd rather use cotton. why? If you sew clothing with polyester and pull on the seam, the fabric will tear, rather than break. Moreover, the suture is easier than repairing the fabric. In addition, the polyester thread is harder on your bobbin case. Over time, the line of strength will cause the wear on the bobbin case to be much faster than the softer cotton thread. This is not completely discredited polyester line, you certainly do not have to throw it all! You should use it with caution.

It is precisely because of the strength of the polyester line, which can be used as a support line for grapevine. It can be in the ambient temperature of minus 40 degrees to 70 degrees in the case can completely maintain its mechanical properties and geometric dimensions unchanged. Because of its smooth surface, it will not hurt the grape foliage and fruit, add anti-ultraviolet components can avoid damage to strong light, while the chemical stability of acid and alkali can not be corroded.

Polyester lines have also been widely used in the greenhouse. Polyester line Chemical properties Stable anti-corrosion Non-hygroscopic. Therefore, after years of use, the surface is still clean and clean as ever, no glitches appear on the support of the shade insulation screen has a positive effect, to avoid the shade of the shade insulation. At the same time light weight, easy installation, tensile strength, when the plastic film changes, you can protect the vegetation.

Finally, because of its smooth surface, high tensile strength, it can be applied to hanging items, poultry breeding and animal husbandry fence, while the polyester line chemical stability, acid and alkali, can also be used in aquaculture and reservoirs Wait.