We Need The Characteristics Of Polyester Textured Yarn


Some people say that Polyester Textured Yarn is not good, summer wearing a hot feeling, and winter easy to bring static electricity, affecting comfort. But easy to dry after washing, and wet strength is almost no decline, no deformation, wear performance. Polyester fabric yarns also add additives such as dyes and finishing agents such as Teflon, and add waterproof chemicals and play a role in the composition of the mixture.

Polyester textured yarn is adapted to the environment of the fiber, often adapted to the shirt fabric. There are various types of polyester yarn. Basically, it describes the breadth of the source of feelings. Polyester yarn is made of cotton, which is alloyed into a fabric area. The array of yarns determines the forming and flatness of the bolts. Accept the motto is that the finer the yarn, the more soft the fabric.

Speaking of polyester textured yarn, we buy clothes, often see such a material, in fact, polyester material is the use of polyester polyester yarn, then the characteristics of this polyester line is what? One is high strength, the strength of the fiber is the strength of the fiber several times, so the production of clothing, then it is more durable. Second, good elasticity, polyester yarn elasticity is very close to the wool, even if the high-strength pull, but its fabric is not easy to fold, the stability of the size is also better.

Third, the heat resistance is good, the polyester is made by melting method, after forming the fiber can be heated and melted, it belongs to the thermoplastic fiber, polyester melting point is higher, its hot melt and thermal conductivity is relatively small, the final cantilever crane agent Said polyester fiber compared with other synthetic fibers, its thermal insulation better.